Horse Owners Course - 1 Day

The course needs to be paid and the registration form returned 1 week before the course start date. If you are booking later than this, please contact us first.


You can book your place by clicking on the paypal button below. If you are booking a Horse Owners Course for  groups of 3+ please contact us for a discounted rate.


Saturday 28th March

Saturday 15th August

Saturday 7th November

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£100 per person

Please contact us for discounted rates for group bookings of 3 or more.


Attendance (1 day) - 10am til 5pm


All lectures.

Lunch & refreshments.

Live demonstration.

Q & A session.


Lectures cover:

Basic mechanics of the head.

Reason for equine dentistry.

Basic malocclusions.


Expectations of your equine dental technician (EDT).


Live demonstration includes:

Head dissection

Opportunity to palpate (feel) the teeth and mouth.

Use of intra-oral cameras.

Watching an EDT carry out a routine treatment with explanations.