Below are just a few testimonials from people who have attended the TriDent dentistry school. 



Carolann shaw 


My first TriDent course was September 2011. I knew nothing about dentistry and just wanted to see what it was like. I loved the course, all the teachers were friendly and very helpful, lectures were full of information and the practical sessions were brilliant. Since then I have been to the academy of equine dentistry in Idaho America and been continuing my education on the TriDent courses. I am also running as an equine dentist and doing  routine rasps regularly. I thoroughly enjoy the TriDent courses and always learn a lot.

Highly Recommended 
Faye Holgate

I have attended five TriDent courses in February 2012, May 2012, September 2012, June 2013 and October 2013.
After many years of wanting to pursue a career in Equine Dentistry, but not knowing how to go about it, I came across the TriDent Equine Dental training course. I decided to go ahead and do a week’s training on the course, it was the best thing I ever did. The instructors are very professional and willing to help people, showing dedication into their field of expertise.
The first two days were spent on theory, learning the mechanics of the head and why dentistry is so important to the horses. The lectures are taken right back to step by step basics making all the new vocabulary and theories easier to take in! The remaining days on the course consisted of practical work; where the fun starts! There are instructors and students at all levels working around you, allowing you to pick up different techniques that help you and most importantly work for you in a way that allows you to make horses more comfortable through their heads. There is also the advantage of being able to observe the more advanced students/instructors working on more advanced cases and watch how they would go about their treatment. All the instructors are very patient, helpful and knowledgeable on the TriDent course, I would recommend it to anyone!

A Dream Come True!
Janine Overton

 I have been attending TriDent courses since September 2011, and I haven't looked back since, they are great and thoroughly enjoyable ! It doesn't matter what age you are, or your ability, the courses work at your pace. They fit really well with my lifestyle, as a working mother of two children. Trident has given the confidence to learn again. Working with horses is a dream come true. Thank you!

Mind Blowing!
John Towe

I first attended two days with Trident in October 2013 and found everyone incredibly friendly and helpful. The experience was enough to make me realise that attending more training with Trident would be really beneficial to help me improve my current skills and learn more to increase my skill set within the dentistry industry.  I came back for the full week in March 2014. As I was already working as an equine dentist I wasn't sure how I'd fit in, but the course was taylored around my abilities and goals. This has given me the opportunities to make some good friends and colleagues to help with any problems, and increased my confidence as an equine dentist.  Overall this is a very well run and taught course, a little mind blowing at times, but everything is explained really well and made easier to understand. I would thoroughly recommend the course to everyone from beginners to advanced professionals looking to improve their skills base.

Leave your egos at the door!
James Stansfield

I have been wanting to come on this course since it first started 3 years ago, and it was well worth the wait! When I arrived everyone was very welcoming and friendly and nothing changed throughout the course and if I ever need a second opinion on something I know that I have lots people that will answer my calls. The one thing that struck me more than anything was how quickly and easily I picked everything up, the teaching style is brilliant and relaxed so you don’t feel pressured at all. The first two days were theory and for me the most valuable, because without them I couldn’t have hoped to understand what I was doing inside the horse’s mouth. The practical days were incredible, working with lots of different Equine Dentists giving me lots of different views and working styles allowing me to pick what worked best for me.

But it’s not all work… once we finished for the day there was always something going on, whether it was going for a Chinese or playing Polo, and no matter what it was it was all great fun because everyone is so open minded and honest.

A big thank you to Martin Brookes, Richard Jack and Aulani Patricio for running such an excellent course and to all the stall leaders for teaching me so much and giving me such a great time!If you are serious about wanting to be an Equine Dentist there really is only one way to go in my opinion, and that’s Trident I can’t wait to go back and build upon what I have learnt so far! Who knows I might see you there and have the pleasure of working with you.

Leave your egos at the door.

Horse Owner
Lynn Henry

Lynn is the owner of a horse that attends regular TriDent courses. She is also the founder of 'Think Like A Pony':

The team at TriDent have had a massive impact on the quality of life as well as the performance my horse Saffi, now one of my top demonstration horses. Saffi had been gifted to me after her previous owners could not resolve a serious lameness that had resulted in extreme behavioural problems. Despite the fact that she had been examined by some of the top vets in the country and had been regularly checked by an equine dentist, it was not until she was examined on a TriDent course that we realised one of the contributing factors to her problems was an overly narrow jaw. This was spotted immediately upon first inspection where other dentists and vets had failed Saffi.

Critical Step

Jonathan Baxter


TriDent provided me with a critical step into becoming a category 1 EDT and setting up my own business. The staff and team were patient and very supportive in boosting both my practical skills and working knowledge. It is also invaluable as you can demonstrate to your future clients that you are taking your career and its development seriously. Thank you very much.