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UK Equine Dentistry School

TriDent (Equine Dental Education) is an independent training organisation which was established in 2011 & based in the UK. We currently run courses around the Doncaster (South Yorkshire) area.

Our training scheme is aimed at both those beginning to train as equine dental technicians (EDTs) and those who are already established EDTs & want to improve their knowledge and skills. Each course is nine full days of intense training, including specialist tutoring, practical skills, and a head dissection.

All our courses include…

  • Nine days of intense training
  • Specialist training
  • Professional lectures
  • Course notes
  • Head dissection
  • Practical sessions with multiple horses
  • Equine dentistry equipment hire included
  • Insurance while attending TriDent
  • Scrub top
Our courses For both basic and advanced technicians

Spring course: May 9 - May 17 2024 | Autumn Course Sept 28 - Oct 6 2024


Northern Ireland

Nicholas Laverty

Having completed both of the Basic TriDent Equine dentistry courses 1.1 and 1.2, they have given me a great foundation to the beginning of a new career of Equine dentistry. Gaining an education of theory and hands on experience on horses, I would highly recommend the TriDent course to anyone thinking of venturing down the Equine Dentistry path. I am looking forward to returning for further education on the advanced courses!


Mia Caines

I first attended TriDent in October 2022 knowing nothing about Equine Dentistry, by the end of the first course I was sure this was a career that I wanted to pursue. I am now looking forward to attending my fourth TriDent Course in May 2024. The combination of theory lectures, demonstrations, practical sessions and guest speakers makes it a very enjoyable and informative course where no day is the same. Martin and all of the course lectures and stall leaders are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Without the TriDent Courses and guidance from the Stall Leaders and Martin I would still be wondering where to start.


Maikel Hendrikz

When I was looking for an equine dental technician education I found the TriDent course along with other courses in Europe. TriDent became my choice because the lessons are based on immediate practical applicability. Starting from hand tools you get educated theoretical and practical by different stalleaders towords fully independent edt with powertools and expert knowledge about equine dentistry. I would  highly recomend TriDent to anyone who wants to start as an edt.

Northern Ireland

Jessica Honeyman

I first attended TriDent in October 2022, prior to this I had no practical or theory knowledge about dentistry. From start to finish I had such a pleasant experience throughout my first course. Martin and all the instructors involved are so friendly, encouraging, passionate and knowledgeable about all thing’s dentistry. Since my first course I have gone on to attend TriDent in May 2023 and October 2023, with looking forward to attending my second advanced course in May 2024. Every course has improved my confidence, theory knowledge and practical skill set drastically. I would thoroughly recommend TriDent to anyone. From beginners wanting to learn about dentistry or to the more advanced dentists wanting to improve their knowledge and practical skill.